Ion Chromatography Instrument IC6230

Features :

  1. Original imported/home-made anion columns packed with polymeric material for the detection of conventional anions and disinfectant by-products in food, pharmaceutical, environmental and water samples.
  2. The refrigeration function can be upgraded to achieve precise temperature control in the range of 4-30°C, ensuring consistent results for the stability analysis of temperature sensitive samples.
  3. The original factory-made electrolytic automatic regeneration membrane suppressor features high capacity, maintenance-free, low background conductance, low background noise and a stable baseline.
  4. 7.0″ high brightness LCD touch GUI controller, synchronised with the chromatography workstation, allows full operation of the instrument and spectrogram display etc.
  5. Electrolytic self-regenerating membrane inhibition method, reagent-free design, no additional acid and alkali addition, no peristaltic pump regeneration.

Specifications :

Drench generators
Flow range 0.001~3.000ml/min
Drench concentration range KOH,MSA-0.1~100.0mM
Concentration accuracy 0.1mM
Original concentration of electrolyte 25% KOH/MSA
Electrolyte volume 1000mL
Max. working pressure 21MPa(3000psi)
Gradient accuracy 1.5%
Autosampler ±0.1°C
Number of sample positions ≥120
Repeatability Full loop injection <0.3% RSD,

Partial injection <0.5% RSD,

Non-destructive injection <1 % RSD (injection volume >5uL)

Syringe specifications Standard: 500ul; optional; 250ul, 1000ul, 2500ul
Dosing ring specifications Standard: 100ul; Optional: 20ul, 50ul,200ul
Linear >0.999
Cross-contamination <0.01%

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