Ion Chromatography Instrument IC6240

Features :

  1. The integrated design and compact layout minimise the connections between the components, reducing the dead volume of the system and ensuring superior chromatographic performance.
  2. 7.0″ high brightness LCD touch GUI controller, synchronised with the chromatography workstation, allows full operation of the instrument and spectrogram display etc.
  3. Acid and alkali resistant materials such as PEEK, PTFE, PP and other plastics are used for the drenching liquid storage, liquid circuit piping and joints.
  4. Full plastic colour identification of high and low voltage pipelines for easy identification of the customer’s operation and improved self-protection of the system.
  5. Built-in column temperature chamber to shorten piping connections and reduce dead volume and peak spread within the system.
  6. Precision temperature-controlled conductivity detector, user can set the temperature according to their actual working environment.

Specifications :

Qualitative repeatability ≤0.5%
Quantitative repeatability ≤1.0%
Chromatography pump systems
Full PEEK pump flow rate 0.001~10.000 mL/min
Pump head pressure resistance 0 ~ 35 MPa
Flow rate setting inaccuracy <0.1%
Flow stability <0.1%
Pressure display accuracy 0.01Mpa
Pressure pulsation <0.5%
Conductivity detector
Baseline noise ≤0.1%FS
Baseline drift ≤0.5%FS
Minimum detectable concentration (Cl) ≤ 0.0002ug/mL
Minimum detection concentration (Li) ≤ 0.0001ug/mL

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