Ion Chromatography Instrument IC6250

Features :

  1. The dual operation mode of the touch screen and PC counter control software enables the simultaneous output and execution of operating instructions.
  2. Graphical counter-control interface, humanized operation process, which allows qualitative and quantitative analysis of negative peaks of the system, improves the efficiency and accuracy of peak determination and ensures the efficiency and accuracy of data processing.
  3. Pre-heating of the drench solution prior to the injection valve to avoid negative effects such as poor reproducibility and peak spread due to temperature differences.
  4. 7.0″ high brightness LCD touch GUI controller, synchronised with the chromatography workstation, allows full operation of the instrument and spectrogram display etc.
  5. Electrolytic self-regenerating membrane inhibition method, reagent-free design, no additional acid and alkali addition, no peristaltic pump regeneration.

Specifications :

Maximum pressure 40MPa
Flow rate range 0.001-12.000mL/min
Flow accuracy RSD ≤ 0.05%
Flow repeatability RSD≤ 0.05%
Column Oven
Temperature range Room temperature +5°C to 85°C
Temperature control accuracy ±0.01℃
Temperature stability ±0.1°C
Conductivity detectors
Pool volume ≤0.6µL
Resolution ≤0.00238ns/cm
Detection Range 0~15000μs/cm
Baseline noise ≤0.05%FS
Baseline drift ≤0.4%FS
Linear range ≥102

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