Ion Chromatography Lab Equipment IC6250

Features :

  1. The integrated design and compact layout minimise the connections between the components, reducing the dead volume of the system and ensuring superior chromatographic performance.
  2. High performance heat exchange technology ensures the heating efficiency and temperature control accuracy of the column, ensuring the stability and reproducibility of the analytical results.
  3. Transparent viewing window to allow direct observation of the column without disturbing its normal operation.
  4. A four-stage design providing a wide dynamic detection range, allowing simultaneous detection of high and low content components in a single injection.
  5. Wide range of sample volume selection, non-destructive injection function to greatly reduce sample consumption, and both full-loop and partial injection functions.
  6. Precision temperature-controlled conductivity detector, user can set the temperature according to their actual working environment.

Specifications :

Column Oven
Temperature range Room temperature +5°C to 85°C
Temperature control accuracy ±0.01℃
Temperature stability ±0.1℃
Autosampler 0.001~10.000 mL/min
Linearity >0.999
Cross-contamination <0.01%
Flow stability <0.1%
Number of sample positions 120
Valve switching time <60ms
Minimum temperature for sample refrigeration 40C

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