Ion Exchange Chromatography Column CS-5A-P1

Features :

  1. Chromatography is an analytical technique that separates components in a mixture.
  2. Chromatography columns are part of the instrumentation that is used in chromatography.
  3. Ion exchange chromatography columns are used to separate ions and molecules that can be easily ionized.
  4. Separation of the ions depends on the ion’s affinity for the stationary phase, which creates an ion exchange system.
  5. The electrostatic interactions between the analytics, mole phase, and the stationary phase, contribute to the separation of ions in the sample.
  6. Only positively or negatively charged complexes can interact with their respective cation or anion exchanges.

Specifications :

Column Name Ion Exchange Chromatography Columns
Diameter 4mm
Application 6 Anions analysis
Eluent KOH
Length 150mm
Particle Size 5um
Packaging Color Paper Box
Column Type Ion Exchange Column
Material PEEK
Keyword chromatography column, ion exchange column

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