Ion Exchange Chromatography Column MS-5C-P2

Features :

  1. The chromatography column is a high efficiency ion exchange chromatography columns used for separating and purifying samples in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical analysis.
  2. It’s made of PEEK material, which is durable and acid and alkali resistance.
  3. The high-capacity carboxylic acid-fictionalized column provides excellent separation performance for the conventional 6 cations, as well as good peak shapes for the separation of other methyl amines.

Specifications :

Ion Exchange Chromatography Column MS-5C-P2
Product Name Ion Exchange Chromatography Column MS-5C-P2
Material PEEK
Packaging Color Paper Box
Particle Size 5um
Column Type Ion Exchange Chromatography Columns
Length 250mm
Eluent MSA
Application 6 cations and 3 types of tri methyl amines
Diameter 4.6mm

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