Laboratory Microscope Infinity Achromatic Monocular A12.2701-M

Specifications :

Model No. A12.2701-M
Features Infinity
Optical System Infinity Achromatic
Standard Magnification 40x-1000x
Head Type Seidentopf Binocular
Head Inclination 300+900
Head Rotation Head Rotate 3600
Head Interpupillary 54-75mm
Eyepiece Features Work Field


High Eyepoint

Eyepiece Diameter 23.2mm
Working Distance 0.000000
Eyepiece High Eyepoint up to 21mm
Nosepiece Holes 4 Holes
Nosepiece Features Center Adjustable
Objective Type Infinity Achromatic
Objective 4x10x40x100x
Working Stage Type Double Layers Mechanical
Working Stage Feature Double Slide Holder
Working Stage Size 142x135mm
Working Stage Moving 76x52mm
Working Stage Spec. Low positioned X-Y coaxial control knob
Focusing Features Safety Stop Lock Ring

Tension Adjustable

Focusing Range 20mm
Focusing Scale 0.001mm
Focusing Knob Minimum Reading 0.001mm on Left-Side Fine Knob
Condenser Type Abbe + Iris Diaphragm
Condenser N.A 1.20
Condenser Features Rack & Pinion Up/Down

Slot For Dark Field Slide

Slot For Phase Contrast Slide

Light Source Feature Brightness adjustable
Light Source Type Halogen
Transmit Light 6V 20W
Power Supply Type AC 100-200V Wide Voltage

Power Cord Detachable

Power Supply Blue Filter
Function Upgradeable Dark Field


Phase Contrast


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