Leak Detector ALD Series

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Features  :

Rejection on Infeed Rollers


When leaking eggs are included among supplied eggs on infeed conveyors, leaked egg yolk, egg albumen and eggshells could contaminate other eggs and the latter egg grading machine parts. Leak Detector reject those leaking eggs at the early step of egg grading, to keep machines and other eggs clean.


Precise Detection by Image Analysis


Leak Detector using image analysis is developed based upon the experience and know-how obtained from long experience of producing egg detectors. A monitor display shows the detecting condition in real-time. Even when eggs are right after washed, leaking eggs are separately detected from wet eggs and rejected before stepping forward to the drier and to the latter grading process.


Examples of Detected Eggs

Leak Detector detects and rejects such eggs as eggs with a hole on the eggshell, broken eggshell with intact membrane, broken leaking eggs.

Specification  :

Code ALD607 ALD612 ALD121
Conveyor rows 6 rows 12 rows
Capacity(Max.) 40,000 eggs/hour 80,000 eggs/hour 120,000 eggs/hour
Power capacity(Max.) 1-phase 200V 4.2A 1-phase 200V 6.1A
Air consumption
(Dry air)
90L/min 170L/min 250L/min
Working environment Ambient temperature : 0℃ – 35℃
Ambient humidity : 20% – 80% *no condensation

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Leak Detector ALD Series

Leak Detector ALD Series