Light Incubator and Artificial Climate Box DRK686

Features :

1. Humanized design
(1) Following the trend of world environmental protection, the brand-new fluorine-free design enables you to always be at the forefront of a healthy life.
(2) Humanized touch buttons, menu-style operation, intuitive and clear, multiple parameters can be displayed on the same screen.
(3) Mirror surface stainless steel liner is used, with four corners and semi-circular arc transitions, and the partitions or partitions in the box can be removed without tools, which is convenient for disinfection and cleaning of the studio.
2. Intelligent control technology
(1) It can simulate natural day and night temperature changes, and it can also simulate natural multi-directional light sources.
(2) The parameters set by the user can be automatically stored in the event of a power failure, and the original setting program will be run after the power is turned on.
(3) The circulating wind speed is automatically controlled to avoid blowing to the plant seedlings due to the excessively fast circulating wind speed during the test.
3. Intelligent multi-segment programmable control
●Program control temperature, humidity, illuminance, time and heating rate, and can be controlled by multi-stage step program, which simplifies the complicated test process and truly realizes automatic control and operation.
4. Continuous operation technology
●The two sets of imported compressors are automatically switched in turn to ensure that there is no failure in the long-term operation of plant cultivation, and break the defect that the existing light incubator\artificial climate box cannot run for a long time.
5. Self-diagnosis function
●When the light incubator\artificial climate box fails, the LCD display shows the failure information, and the operation failure is clear at a glance.
6. Security function
(1) Independent temperature limit alarm system, and sound and light alarm to remind the operator to ensure safe operation without accidents.
(2) High or low temperature alarm.
7. Data control system (optional)
(1) RS485 or USB interface and software.
(2) Realize data recording, data communication, graphic dynamic display, and fault analysis.
(3) Optional printer system for data recording, in line with GMP standards.
8. Bulkhead lighting system (optional)
●In order to meet the higher requirements of users for the uniformity of light intensity and flexibility of lighting space, the partition type lighting system developed by Yiheng Company can adjust the partition to meet the needs of plant growth, and it can be equipped with a multi-layer lighting system; While ensuring the uniformity of the light intensity, the number of cultivated plants is greatly increased, and for each layer of the lighting system, users can choose different lamps to meet the requirements for different lighting.
9. Illumination automatic detection and control (optional)
●Using light sensor for monitoring and control, reducing the attenuation and error of illuminance caused by the aging of the lamp tube. Break through the existing domestic plants’ illuminance monitoring and control defects.
10. Wireless communication alarm system (SMS alarm system) (optional)
●If the equipment user is not on site, when the equipment fails, the system collects the fault signal in time and sends it to the mobile phone of the designated recipient via SMS to ensure that the fault is eliminated in time and the test is resumed to avoid accidental losses.
11. CO2 concentration monitoring and control (optional)
●For plant salary cultivation, infrared sensor is an ideal choice, because the recovery of CO2 concentration of infrared sensor is not affected by temperature and humidity. For changes in CO2 concentration, infrared sensor can respond within a few seconds and control accuracy Accurate and reliable.

Specifications :

Model DRK686A-1
Volume 250L 300L 450L 800L
Temperature Control Scope With light 10~50℃ Without light 0~50℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Volatility ±1℃
Humidity Control Range 50~90%RH 50~90%RH 50~90%RH
Humidity Deviation ±5~7%RH
Illumination Strength 0~12000LX 0~20000LX 0~25000LX 0-30000LX
Program Control Function Temperature, humidity, and illuminance can be set individually, 30 programs can be set, and the setting time range of each segment is 1 to 99 hours
Input Power 860W 1700W 2100W 4000W
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ AC380V 50HZ
Work Ambient Temperature +5~35℃
Continuous Running Time Long-term continuous operation (two sets of imported original fully enclosed compressors automatically switch in turn)
Liner Size
(Mm) W*D*H
580*510*835 520*550*1140 700*550*1140 965*580*1430
(Mm) W*D*H
725*740*1550 830*850*1850 950*850*1850 1475*890*1780
Carrying Bracket
(Standard configuration)
3 pieces

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