Liquid Chromatography Instrument LC3201

Features :

  1. The HPLC Intrument LC3200 offers exceptional performance and reliability in liquid chromatography.
  2. With a column temperature range of 4-85°C, linearity of >0.9999, a weight of 158 Kg, and the capacity to hold up to 120 sample positions, the LC3200 is an ideal instrument for any laboratory.
  3. Its robust design and reliable performance make it suitable for a variety of applications.
  4. It is easy to use and its intuitive user interface enables users to quickly set up and run experiments.
  5. The LC3200 also comes with advanced features such as intelligent peak detection and data analysis.
  6. With its high performance and reliability, the HPLC Intrument LC3200 is the perfect choice for any laboratory.

Specifications :

Product Name Technical Parameters
Liquid Chromatography Instrument Linearity: >0.9999.
Manufacturer: Wayeal.
Interface: USB/Ethernet.
Model: LC3200.
Weight: 158 Kg.
Injection Volume: 1-100 μL.
Software: Smart Lab Chromatography Software.
Column Temperature: 4-85°C.
Data System: PC/
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Instrument.

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