Los Angeles Abrasion Tester LAAM01

Features :

  1. This machine is mainly used to measure the abrasion rate of stone.
  2. It is mainly composed of cylinder, sealing cover, bracket, mandrel, gearbox, motor, counter and other components.
  3. Electrical controlling system has the functions of starting, inching controlling, stopping and timing.

Specifications :

  • LAAM01.
  • Equipment standard: ASTM C-1311, C-535.
  • Speed: 30~33RPM.
  • Counter: 4bit.
  • Steel ball quality: 405~450g.
  • Power supply: three-phase to four-wire.
  • Power: 3phase 1.1KW.
  • Inner diameter: Φ710±5mm.
  • Inner length: 510±5mm.

Catalog : PDF




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