Metal couch Foldable to the Wall


The metal couch (foldable to the wall) is a classic model designed to perform physical examinations, injections or remove sutures. A metal couch will work well in medical and physiotherapeutic offices.

The main advantages of the metal couch (foldable to the wall):

  • Simple and stable frame made of powder coated steel tubes.
  • Constant height.
  • Foldable to the wall.
  • Choice of the color of the upholstery and the frame.
  • You can also choose additional options for the couch (additional fee).



  • face gap with a cap,
  • the couch is available in two widths and two heights to choose from – 55 cm or 70 cm.

Product dimensions:

  • length – 190 cm
  • width (to choose from) – 55/70 cm
  • height (to choose from) – 55/70 cm
  • curb weight – 35 kg
  • maximum load – 150 kg
  • face hole

Additional accessories:

  • hanger for the paper.

Catalogue: PDF

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