GBPI Testing Instruments

Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator GQ-300

Features :

· Scroll compressor refrigeration system.
· PID algorithm with the solid state relays control the heating tube and no
rigid mechanical contacts, long service life, average temperature of heating, the temperature is constant.
· Mass flow controller, the resolution of 0.01ml/min.

· High frequency atomization humidifier for humidification, large
humidification range, long time humidification without getting fever.

Specifications :

Items Technical Parameters
Test range O2 : 0%~100%; CO2 : 0%~20%;
C2H4 :0~200ppm (optional); the rest is N2
Resolution ratio O2 : 0.01%; CO2 : 0.01%; C2H4 :
Gas flow control O2 : 0~3000ml/min, CO2 : 0~1000ml/min;
N2 : 0~3000ml/min
Temperature control range -5°C~50°C
Temperature deviation ±1°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.1%
Humidity range normal~ 98%RH
Humidity deviation ±3%RH
Humidification power 2000W
Lighting power 10W
Capacity 120L, 120L, 120L
Material color steel
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Weight 70kg
Environment temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Refrigeration Power 2000W
Size 1100mm x 1150mm x 1960mm
Gas purity ≥99.9%

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GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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