Muffle Box Furnace BFMF-1100-20B

Specifications :

Capacity 20 L
Maximum Temperature 1100°C
Working Temperature 1100°C
Control Unit B2
Controller Description 4×20 LCD / 4 Steps 2 Prog
Software Options B2, E4, U8, S16
Control Accuracy ±1°C
Front Face Insulation Material Ceramic Fire Brick
Door Insulation Material Ceramic Fibre Board
Housing Material Steel Sheet
Housing Coating Epoxy Powder Coating
Chimney Standard
Heating Element Protection Quartz Tube
Lockable Door Handle Sidewards
Inner Insulation Material Insulating Fire Brick
Heating Element Placement Embedded into Brick Walls
Thermocouple Type K Type
Heating Element Type Fe-Cr-Al
Inner Dimension (WxDxH) 250x200x395 mm
Outer Dimension (WxDxH) 546x668x790 mm
Gross Dimensions (WxDxH) 606x950x728 mm
Net Weight 65 Kg
Gross Weight 85 Kg
Power 4200 W
Maximum Current 2×9.6 / 1×19.1 A
Electrical Connection 3 veya 1 Phase
Power Supply 220V / 50Hz
Note Available model with capacity 7L, 10L, 40L, 60L

Catalogue : PDF

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