Multi Functional Ion Chromatography Instrument IC6600

Features :

  1. Ideal model for high efficiency, high sensitivity, high reliability ion chromatography; dual system one machine realizes yin and cation simultaneously;
  2. Conductance and electrochemical detectors meet the detection requirements of different substances;
  3. Can realize two-dimensional ion chromatography (valve switching) and post-column chemical derivatives;
  4. Dual system simultaneously detection design allows customers to maximize efficiency, further shorten detection time;
  5. Double pump, column temperature box, modular design of the crash generator, the user can choose the required system configuration;
  6. It can be equipped with high-end double pump double system detection, and can also customize single pump single system detection according to customer needs, and personalize your chromatography solution;

Specifications :

Infusion system

Maximum Pressure 0-40MPa
Flowrate Range 0.000–12.000 mL/min
Degassing 6
Leak Sensor Photoelectric Sensors

Eluent Generator

Hydroxide Eluent Generator
Eluent KOH
Concentration Range 0.1-100 mM @1mL/min
Flowrate Range 0.1-3.0 mL/min

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