Multi-Plate Radiation Shield RK95-01

Features :

  • Good air circulation around shield.
  • Away from large masses (asphalt, masts, solar panels) especially metal items.
  • Away from exhaust vents,electrical machinery and motors.
  • Away from standing water, water fountains and sprinklers.

Specifications :

Item Specifications
Number of plates 4 -20 plates optional,typ.:11,14,19
Color White
Material Anti-radiation ABS engineering plastics & Stainless steel screw
Operating temperature -40℃-+75℃
Dimension Inner diameter:62mm,Outer diameter:140mm/180mm
Height:180mm(11 plates),220mm(14 plates),280mm(19 plates)
Optional accessories Metal bracket(304SS),Embrace hoop screw(inner diameter:60mm,304SS)

Catalog : PDF


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