Multifunctional Automatic Asphalt Pressure Tester GD-0730A

Features :

1. It is multifunctional instrument and meets the following standards in JTG E20-2011

T0709 Test Method for Marshall Stability of Bituminous Mixtures

T0713 Test Method for Uniaxial compression of Bituminous Mixtures (Cylinder Method)

TO714 Test Method for Uniaxial compression of Bituminous Mixtures(Prism Method)

TO715 Test Method for Bending of Bituminous Mixtures

TO716 Test Method for Splitting of Bituminous Mixtures

TO729 Test Method for freeze-thaw Splitting of Bituminous Mixtures

2. Test box has cooling constant temperature function, according to compressor refrigeration and heating tube balance function, make temperature range of the test box control within (-20-70)℃, it can meet the temperature requirements of the test box specified in the test method of this instrument.

3. It adopts advanced sensor technology and microcomputer processing technology,it has the functions of parameters setting, automatic test  controlling, automatic data collecting and timing,etc.

4. 100 sets of test data and test time can be stored in the instrument, which can be viewed at any time. All tests are completed automatically  and can be automatically reset.

Specifications :

Model: GD-0730A.
Measurement range and accuracy of pressure 1:  range: (0-100)KN, accuracy: +0.01KN.
Measurement range and accuracy of pressure 2:  range: (0-5)KN accuracy: +0.01KN.
Range and accuracy of displacement sensor on the left:  range: (0-20)mm accuracy: +0.001mm.
Range and accuracy of displacement sensor on the right:  range: (0-20mm accuracy: #+0.001mm.
Basic configuration: uniaxial compression measuring device, bend measuring device, split fixture, stability fixture.
Servo motor power:  1.5KW.
Test lifting speed:  (1-50)mm /min.
Rapid lifting speed:  50mm/min.
The temperature range of the test box:  (-20-70)℃.
Refrigeration compressor:  (220-240)V , 6.5A.
Color touch screen:  800*480.
Heating Power: AC220V, 1.5KW.

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