Multifunctional Low Temperature Apparatus GD-510F1

Features :

1.The  instrument adopts intelligent temperature control system, which can display the  temperature of cold bath in real time. The temperature setting and control  parameter adjustment are convenient, and the temperature control precision is  high.
2. It is a  multi functional instrument which can be used to determine pour point, cloud  point, solidifying point and cold filter plugging point of petroleum  products.
3.Metal  bath, refrigeration speed, uniform temperature, eliminate the insecurity of  liquid bath.
4.It has  the function of automatic protection. If the high temperature of any cold bath  is abnormal, the instrument will automatically cut off the working power of the  heating tube to avoid damaging the instrument.
5. Floor  model. It is equipped with four-place wheels at bottom. Convenient to  move.

Specifications :

  • GD-510F1
  • GOLD

Main technical  specifications

1. Power  supply:AC(220±10%)V 50Hz
2. Power  consumption: less than 1700W
3. Cold  bath temperature control:
(1)Chamber  I:   -17℃~0℃,accuracy±0.5℃, temperatures in two cold baths are the same.
(2)Chamber  II:  -30℃
(3)Chamber  III:  -51℃~-34℃,accuracy±0.5℃,temperatures in two cold baths are the  same.
(4)Chamber  IV:  -70℃
4.  Refrigerating method:  Compressor refrigeration
5. Suitable  temperature:15℃~28℃
Relative humidity:   ≤85%
6.Dimension:  810㎜×500㎜×840㎜(L×W×H)
7. Total  weight:100kg

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