New Type Of Rainwater Image Alarm Station

Specifications :

Rain Gauge

1) Rain bearing mouth: inner diameter Φ200+0.6mm, outer cutting edge angle 40°~45°.
2) Rainfall resolution: 0.5mm.
3) Rainfall intensity measurement range: ≤0.01-4mm/min (allowable maximum rain intensity 8 mm/min).
4) Measurement accuracy: ≤±4%.
5) Working environment: temperature -10℃~55℃.
6) Reliability index: MTBF ≥25000 hours.

Water Level Gauge

1) Range: 70m.
2) Measurement accuracy: ±3mm.
3) Frequency range: 26GHz.
4) Communication interface: RS485.
5) Power supply voltage: DC6-26V.
6) Antenna structure: pointed cone vibrator.

Camera (Box Camera and HD Network Dome Camera) Gun Camera (Picture)

1) Communication method: 485 bus communication.
2) Working voltage: 5V-12V.
3) Working current: not more than 120mA.
4) Effective image pixels: no less than 1.3 million.
5) Picture format: JPEG format.
6) Resolution: 640*480, 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*800.

HD Network Dome Camera (Video)

1) Video output supports 1920×1080@60fps, resolution is not less than 1100TVL
2) The lowest illuminance can reach 0.005Lux for color, 0.0005Lux for black and white
3) The horizontal rotation range is 360° continuous rotation, and the vertical rotation range is -5°~90°
4) Support three streams output at the same time, support standard Onvif protocol, support IP address filtering function
5) The outdoor dome protection level is not less than IP66
6) Operating temperature range -45℃-70℃
4. Telemetry terminal (including communication module)
1) Comply with “Water Resources Monitoring Data Transmission Protocol” and “Hydrological Monitoring Data Communication Protocol”;
2) Regularly collect, report, and report rainfall, water level and other data;
3) Local storage of rainfall, water level and other data;
4) Working temperature: -10℃~50℃
5) Support standard H.264 compression format, with lower code stream and better picture quality;
6) With extended RTU function, RS232, RS485, switch input and output ports are reserved, and sensors such as water level gauges, flow meters, and pickups can be connected to facilitate on-site data collection and video monitoring and alarm linkage;
7) Support picture capture, video real-time monitoring, video recording, PTZ control;
8) Support multiple recording modes: manual recording, timing recording, motion detection recording and alarm recording, etc.;

Power Supply

Provide 12V/38AH-100AH ​​lead-acid battery with 18V/30-60W solar panel The working hours must be no less than 30 days in continuous rainy days. Charge controller: It has automatic protection functions for overcurrent, overvoltage, overcharge, and reverse polarity, and is built into the telemetry terminal.

Monitoring of Standing Poles and Installation Components

Specifications: The diameter is not less than 100mm, the wall thickness is not less than 3mm, and the height is not less than 5m;
Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe.
Catalogue : PDF


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