Non Methane Hydrocarbon Analyzer AQ7800

Features :

  • Using direct measurement method, it can accurately determine the content of non-methane total hydrocarbons in ambient air with the detection limit of ppb level.
  • The use of low temperature cold trap enrichment and removal technology can effectively improve the accuracy of direct measurement of non-total methane hydrocarbons.
  • The internal piping of the instrument is passivated for very low adsorption.
  • The whole process is designed without cold point to ensure non-destructive testing of high boiling points.

Specifications :

Product Name Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Instruments
Size 1030*720*2060mm, 970*900*1000mm
Working Temperature 15-35C°
Measurement Range 0-5ppm
Measurement Error ≤±1% F.S.
Measurement Method GC-FID
Detection Limit ≤20 ppb
Working Humidity ≤85%RH

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