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Features :


Measure the weight of 1,000 grains in
less than one minute.
Classify seed.
Estimate the number of grains needed
to be sown to achieve desired seed
Evaluate agronomic yield, flour and
middling extraction and brewing yield.

Estimate the number of grains to be sowed to obtain the good density of sowing.
Estimate the agronomic yield, the flour and middlings extraction and the brewing yield.

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Specifications :

• A unique bowl suitable for all types of grains from 1 to 15 mm

• Find the 1,000 kernels weight in less than 3 minutes.

• Grains counted one-by-one on an optical sensor.

Counts any constituent type measuring 1-15mm
using the universal bowl and adjustment screw.
•Pre-selection of number of items to count with
bowl vibration automatically cutting out when this
number is reached.
Compliant with AFNOR NF V03-702 and ISO
720 standards for determining the mass of 1,000
grains. The Numigral complies with AFNOR

NF V03-702 and ISO 720 standards for the determination of the weight of 1000 grains.

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