Instrument Type Microvolume Spectrophotometer
Minimum Sample Volume 1 μL
Sample Number 1
Pathlength 0.03 ~ 0.5 mm (Auto ranging)
Spectral Resolution ≤ 8.0 nm
Absorbance Precision 0.002 Abs (0.5 mm pathlength)
Absorbance Range 0 – 40 Abs
Detection Limit About 2 ng/μL (dsDNA)
Maximum Concentration 2,000 ng/µL (dsDNA), 60 mg/µL (BSA), 28.8 mg/µL (IgG)
Photometric Range(10 mm Equivalent) Cuvette: 0~2 A, Accuracy – 3% (at 1A/mm at 280 nm)
Photometric Accuracy 3% (at 1A/mm at 280 nm)
Light Source LEDs
Measurement Wavelenght 260, 280 nm / 600 nm(Cuvette)
Baseline Correction Wavelenght 360 nm
Detector Silicon photodiode
Measurement Time ‹10 seconds
Footprint(W × D) 145 x 190 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Operating Voltage 12 V (DC)
Power Consumption Operating – 4.7~5.2 W, Standby – 3.3 W
Display 4.3-inch, Touch-screen glove compatible
Display resolution 480 x 272 pixels (Color display)
Internal Storage 4 GB
Conectivity USB-A, USB-B, RS232C, Bluetooth
Accessories Thermal Printer(Optional)


  • Product details

    Using three LED (260 nm, 280 nm, and 600 nm) and a single silicon photodiode, it lowered the product cost drastically while maintaining the needed functions and performance level.

    It can perform the baseline correction function using an additional LED (360 nm).
    There is no need for a user manual since it provides a simple and intuitive user environment. The designated factor is set as the default value for each mode, and the input mode is provided to allow the users to set a factor value which is different from the default.

    Users can specify the factor appropriate for the user preference, the lab environment, and the type of protein.

  • Product Information
    • It is a small spectrophotometer featuring compact size and main unit control.
    • There is no need for measurement standby since it does not require a lamp warming-up.
    • A user can conduct the measurement quickly since there is no need to set the pathlength according to the concentration.
    • A user can run the main functions quickly with a button.

    Catalogue: PDF


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