Photometrics System Single Beam Type
Light Source Tungsten Halogen Lamp & Deuterium Lamp
Spectral Bandwidth 3.0 nm (190 to 1100 nm)
Wavelength Range 190 to 1100 nm
Wavelength display 0.1 nm
Wavelength accuracy <± 1.5 nm at 486, 656.1 nm
Wavelength repeatability <± 0.2 nm
Slew rate About 7,800 nm/min
Scan speed max 4,000 nm/min
Photometric range Absorbance : -3 to 3 Abs
Transmittance : 0 % to 300 %
Stray lighty < 0.05 % Nal at 220 nm, NaNO₂ at 340 nm
Baseline stability <± 0.002 Abs/h
Baseline flatness < 0.003 Abs/h (220 to 1050 nm)
Monochromator Czerny-Turner type with 1200 lines/nm blazed grating
Lamp interchange Wavelength 340~410 nm (Default 370 nm)
Standard cell Holder All-in-One Cell Holder
Display 7 inch color LCD with touch screen;
Operating system(OS) Windows CE;
Power Requirement 100~240 V; 50~60 Hz
Weight(kg) 8 kg
Dimensions(WxDxH) 433(W)x381(D)x180(H)


  • Product details

    OPTIZEN QX series are the water quality analysis system to reduce the correction time and improve the general precision degree.

    The devices use MERCK CO.’s pre-programmed methods (more than 150) and their convenient interface and automation function help you to perform an easy, quick and precise experiment.

  • Product Information
    • Using all-in-one cell holder enables the user to use all the cell conveniently and simply.
    • Easily and quickly call up the information that is being measured or analyzed by registering it in you favorites.
    • Using MERCK kit’s pre-programmed methods (more than 150), one of the best water quality test kits (*Refer to the table shown in right side.)
    • Supporting software online update.
    • Pre-programmed Methods
      Parameter Range Unit
      Aluminum Alumin. 0-0.8 mg/L
      Boron. HR 2-0 mg/L
      Chlor Diox DPD AV 0-5 mg/L
      Chloride 0-5 mg/L
      Chlorine F&T AV 0-2 mg/L
      Chlorine F&T HR 0-0 mg/L
      Chlorine F&T MR 0-4.4 mg/L
      Chlorine F&T PP 0-2 mg/L
      Chlorine F&T RL 0-2 mg/L
      Chlorine F&T TNT 0-5 mg/L
      Chromium, Hex. 0-0.7 mg/L
      Chromium, Hex. AV 0-0.7 mg/L
      COD HR 0-0 mg/L
      COD LR 0-0 mg/L
      COD Mn III 0-0 mg/L
      COD RD 20 HR 0-0 mg/L
      COD RD 20 LR 0-0 mg/L
      COD ULR 0-0 mg/L
      Copper, Bicin. 0-5 mg/L
      Copper, Bicin. AV 0-5 mg/L
      Cyanide 0-0.24 mg/L
      H2O2 0.05-5 mg/L
      Hardness, Ca 0-4 mg/L
      Hardness, Mg 0-4 mg/L
      Hydrazine 0-0 µg/L
      Hydrazine AV 0-0 µg/L
      Iodine 0-7 mg/L
      Iodine. AV 0-7 mg/L
      Iron, FerroMo 0-1.8 mg/L
      Iron, FerroVer 0-3 mg/L
      Iron, FerroVer AV 0-3 mg/L
      Iron, FerroZine 0-1.4 mg/L
      Iron, TPTZ 0-1.8 mg/L
      Iron, TPTZ AV 0-1.8 mg/L
      Manganese, HR 0-0 mg/L
      Manganese, LR 0.005-0.7 mg/L
      Manganese, LR PAN 0-0.7 mg/L
      Manganese, LR PAN 50 0.005-0.5 mg/L
      Molybdenum HR AV 0-0 mg/L
      Monochloramine LR 0-4.5 mg/L
      N,. Ammonia Free 0-0.5 mg/L
      N,. Ammonia HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Ammonia LR TNT 0-2.5 mg/L
      N,. Ammonia Ness. 0-2.5 mg/L
      N,. Ammonia Salic. 0-0.5 mg/L
      N,. Nitrate HR AV 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Nitrate HR PP 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Nitrate HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Nitrate LR 0-0.5 mg/L
      N,. Nitrate MR AV 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Nitrate MR PP 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Nitrite HR PP 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Nitrite LR AV 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Nitrite LR PP 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Nitrite LR TNT 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Total HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
      N,. Total LR TNT 0-5 mg/L
      N. Inorganic TNT 0-5 mg/L
      Oxygen, Dis. HR AV 0-5 mg/L
      Oxygen, Dis. LR AV 0-0 µg/L
      Oxygen, Dis. UHR AV 0-0 mg/L
      Ozone HR AV 0-1.5 mg/L
      Ozone LR AV 0-0.25 mg/L
      Ozone MR AV 0-0.75 mg/L
      P. React. Amino. 0-0 mg/L
      P. React. HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
      P. React. Mo 0-5 mg/L
      P. React. Mo AV 0-5 mg/L
      P. React. PV 0-2.5 mg/L
      P. React. PV AV 0-2.5 mg/L
      P. React. PV TNT 0-5 mg/L
      P. Total HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
      P. Total/AH PV TNT 0-3.5 mg/L
      PAA 0.1-0 mg/L
      Perman. Index HR 4.5-5 mg/L
      Perman. Index LR 0.5-5 mg/L
      Silica. HR 0-0 mg/L
      Silica. LR 0-1.6 mg/L
      Silica. ULR 0-0 µg/L
      ULR Phosphate 30-0 µg/L
      Zinc 0-3 mg/L


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