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Oxygen Permeability Analyzer Y210

Features :

Accurate and reliable data
· With The State Certificate for Gradation of the certified Reference Materials and Licence for Manufacturing Measuring
Instruments of the state Reference Materials(GBW (E)130497/8)of Oxygen permeability analyzer approved and
issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the P.R.C. Adopting state reference materials to calibrate and verify the instruments, ensure the accuracy, universality and authority of the test data.
Simple operation
· LCD and windows instrument interface show testing data and working status in real time; mouse operation is simple and convenient.
· Professional software with simple interface, easy to use and convenient to set test process.
· Fully-auto operation, judge and stop automatically.
· Real time curves display of transmission, oxygen concentration, temperature and humidity, curves can be easily zoomed and moved. The curves with conceal function, support query
function for background data.
· Professional test report; can be exported as PDF.
Advanced technology
· Temperature control: International advanced electromagnetic technology, program controlled, auto heating and cooling; and no need of external accessories. Precision: 0.1°C.
· Humidity control: Dual gas flow method(dry gas and humid gas), with broad range, high precision (1%RH) and stable flow.
· Carrying cutting-edge ARM controlling system, can run independently without computer.
High efficiency
· Measurement precise up to 0.001 cm 3/(m2·24h), can test high barrier materials, such as aluminum foil.
· By adding package-testing accessories, can test oxygen transmission of various containers such as bag, bottle, can and
· By adding adaptive accessory, can expand upper limit of test range to 260000 cm 3 /m 2 •24h.
Calibration & Certification
· The instrument supports two methods of reference materials and standard gas to certificate and calibrate; Operation is
simple, user only need use certified reference materials for normal testing, and then input the test result into the instrument interface to complete calibration.
Reliable and easy-maintenance instrument
· Imported oxygen sensor, with high precise and good performance, can work for a long time.
· Sensor over-range auto protection.
· Function modularization, easy to maintain.

Specifications :

Items Technical Parameters
Test Range 0.02~16500 cm3/m3 ·24h(Film)With mask can be 260000 cm3/m2 ·24h
Test Accuracy 0.001 cm3/m2·24h
Temperature Control Range 15~45°C(5~50°Coptional)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1°C
Humidity Range 30~90%RH, 100%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±1%RH
Test Area 50.24 cm2
Sample size Φ100 mm
Sample thickness ≤3mm
Numbers of samples 2 pieces
Carrier Gas pressure 0.1MPa~0.2MPa
Carrier gas port 1/8 metal gas pipe
Instrument size 600×460×300mm
Weight 90kg
Power 100W
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz

Catalog : PDF


GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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