Paper Tearness Tester DRK108A

Features :

Compact structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance; multi-function, flexible configuration.
The measurement results are directly obtained, and the instrument is precisely manufactured and has high measurement accuracy.

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Standard pendulum measurement range (10—1000)mN division value 10mN
Light pendulum (10~1000)mN, division value 5mN (optional)
Lightest pendulum (10~200)mN, division value 2mN (optional)
Indication error ±1% within the range of 20%-80% of the upper limit of measurement, ±0.5% FS outside the range.
Repeatability error 20% of the upper limit of measurement—80% within the range <1%, outside the range <0.5% FS
Tear arm (104±1)mm
Initial angle of tear 27.5°±0.5°
Tear distance (43±0.5)mm
Paper clip surface size (25×15) mm
Distance between paper clamps (2.8±0.3)mm
Sample size Should be (63±0.5)mm×(50±2)mm
Working conditions Celsius temperature: 23, relative humidity 50%+/-5
Dimensions 420×300×465mm
Quality 25㎏.

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