Peripheral Devices Egg Tray Washer PTW 200

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Features :

Jet Wash


Egg trays are jet washed piece by piece by high pressured water to remove yolk, albumen, and manure stuck on trays. Semi-Recycle method is used for Egg Tray Washer at "Washing" step. It is needless to change water frequently.


Multi-Angled Nozzle


Nozzles are multi-angle designed to shoot dirt on egg trays from various angles. Heavy dirt on trays are cleaned up by washing water thoroughly to every detailed holes and corners.


Automatic Stacking and Spin Drying


Egg trays after washing are stacked and sent to drying step. By centrifugal way, trays are drained well and kept clean.

Stainless Steel Design; Fully Washable


A cover of washing part is removable to wash inside as well as outside of Egg Tray Washer. The whole machine made by stainless steel contributes to durability.


Various Trays Available


A simple selector switch allows automation in washing various 30-eggs trays such as Eggs Cargo Tray, NS-Tray, etc.



Specifications  :

Code PTW200
Capacity(MAX) 2,000pcs/hour
Power capacity 3-Phase 200V 20A
Water consumption Approx. 5L/min.
Available egg trays
Standard 30-eggs tray
Eggs Cargo Tray

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Peripheral Devices Egg Tray Washer PTW 200

Peripheral Devices Egg Tray Washer PTW 200