Planetary Ball Mill LZ-PBM-A110

Features :

  • Powerful and quick grinding down.
  • Reproducible results due to energy and speed control.
  • Consistent and repeatable experiment guaranteed by stable revolving speed in the gear transmission.
  • Quasi-sealed groove embedded gear box structure.
  • Equipped with low noise liquid oil self-lubricating device.
  • The feeding apparatus integrates vibrating screening technology.
  • Works on the principle of planetary movement, which has high speed, large energy, high efficiency, small Granularity.
  • Four powder samples of different sizes and different materials can be produced at one time.
  • Machine is governed by a frequency converter, allowing the user to select the optimal rotational speed based on the anticipated experimental outcomes.
  • Features timing power off, self-timing forward and reversal rotating.
  • Wide range of materials for contamination free grinding.
  • Safety Slider for safe operation.
  • Suitable for long term trials.

Specifications :

Type Vertical Semi- circle round shape
Max.Capacity 0.66 L
Max. Capacity of Jar 660 ml
Rotational / Speed 1 ~ 2
Rotation Speed 70 – 670 rpm
Working Mode Two or four mill jars working together
Driver Mode Gear Driver & Belt Drive
Feed Size Soft & crispy material≤100mm
Hard materials≤3mm
Output Granularity Size 0.1μm
Timer 1-9999 min (72 hours)
Noise 60±5 ≤db
Speed Control Frequency Controller
Feed Materials Tungsten carbide, Agate, 304 Stainless steel, 316L Stainless steel, Corundum, Zirconia, Nylon, PU, Alumina ceramic, PTFE, and etc.
Grinding Jars Stainless steel, Tungsten Carbide, Zirconium oxide, , Aluminium oxide etc
Grinding Medium Stainless steel balls, Tungsten Carbide balls, Zirconium oxide balls, Aluminium oxide balls etc
Power Consumption 0.75 KW
Power Supply 220V-60Hz, 1Phase
Dimensions 750 x 470 x 590 mm
Weight 80 kgs

Catalog : PDF


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