Pneumatic Paper Bursting Tester DRK109BQ

Features :

1.Microcomputer control technology, open structure, high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable.
2.Fully automatic measurement, intelligent calculation function. With unique pressure difference parameters (to ensure the accuracy of the test).
3.The sample is pneumatically blessed, saving time and effort, and reducing human operation error.
4.Independent research and development software, the paper burst strength tester | burst tester automatically measures, statistics, print test results, and has a data storage function; super large data storage (500 groups can be stored, 20 samples per group, a total of 10,000 groups of data , Available for future inquiries).
5.High-speed micro printer, high-speed printing, easy to use, low failure.
6.Modern design concept of electromechanical integration, hydraulic system, powerful function, compact structure, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance.

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Measuring Range 10~2000Kpa
Clamping force between upper and lower chuck >430 Kpa
Air source interface Ф8mm polyurethane tube
Air pressure 0.6MPa (The gas source is provided by the user)
Pressurized oil delivery speed 95±5ml/ min
Film resistance When the protrusion height is 10mm, 20-40 Kpa
Machine accuracy Level 1 (resolution: 0.1 Kpa)
Indication accuracy ±0.5%F.S
Hydraulic system tightness At the upper limit of measurement, 1 minute pressure drop <10%Pmax
Dimensions 530×360×550mm
Weight 75kg

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