Portable Straw Moisture & Temperature Meter

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Features :

Quick determination of moisture and temperature of pressed hay and straw

  • Robust stainless steel lance, length 50 cm
  • Moisture from 9 % to 50 %
  • Temperature from -10 °C to +100 °C
  • Quick display
  • Holding, counting and average function

Usage area

The Pfeuffer HFM can be used in the hay and straw trade. You safeguard the quality of your feedstuffs with this device. The correct storage moisture and temperature gives you reliability during storage and protects from destruction by fungal attack and rotting. The Pfeuffer HFM has a continuous stainless steel probe for measuring, which is held by an ergonomically shaped wooden handle.


The display shows the current moisture value during the measuring procedure. The measurement can be reliably taken within a few seconds on different locations in bales or a large number of bales – without pressing a button. The resolution of the device is around 0.1 %, and the accuracy in practical use is around +/-0.8 % points.
Temperature measurement – switch the device to temperature mode and insert the measuring probe into the bale in the required location. Wait until the displayed value is stable before reading off the temperature. The Pfeuffer HFM has a highly sensitive temperature sensor which quickly adapts itself to the product.

Specifications :


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Portable Straw Moisture & Temperature Meter

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