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Respiratory Resistance Tester GBN702

Features :

The instrument consists of an air source that can adjust the flowrate, a human head mold specified in the standard, two intubation systems for inhalation and exhalation and a respiratory resistance measurement system.
The flow sensor has high sensitivity and has a very small starting flow.
The flow sensor chip uses a thermal mass flow meter, which does not require temperature and pressure compensation,ensuring high-precision measurement of the sensor.
Multiple sensors are integrated on a single flow sensor chip, which greatly improves the range ratio of the sensor.
The zero point stability of the flow sensor is high, with full range and high stability, high accuracy over the full range, excellent repeatability, low power consumption, low pressure loss and fast response speed.
The data logger uses a graphic dot matrix LCD with a resolution of 128 × 64 and a full Chinese interface, which is easy tooperate.
The data logger has 4M memory for measurement value recording.
The micromanometer sensor uses a two-wire system, with highaccuracy and good stability; it is safe and reliable to use an explosion-proof design.

Specifications :

Item Technical Parameters
Flowmeter range 0L/min〜100L/min
Flowmeter range accuracy ±2%
Micro-pressure measuring range -1000Pa〜1000Pa
Micromanometer accuracy 1Pa
Pumping capacity of suction Not less than 100L/min
Ventilation Constant (85 ± 1)L/min
Power Supply AC220V,50Hz

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GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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