Robot System G-NAEGS

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Specifications :

Code G-NAEGS4000 G-NAEGS3500 G-NAEGS3000
Capacity(Max.) 40,000 eggs/hour 35,000 eggs/hour 30,000 eggs/hour
Power required Power capacity(Max.) 3-phase 200V 75A*1
1-phase 100V 20A*2
Air volume 50~100L/min(ANR)
Hot water volume 10L/min or over (60℃)
Water volume 10L/min (200KPa)*3
Container Plastic pack 5×2  3×2※4  4×2※4  6×2※4
Pulp-mold tray 5×8  5×9  6×9  6×5※4
Plastic tray 6×5
Pulp-mold pack 5×2  6×2※5
Functions Cassette type automatic feeder (4 sizes)*6
Automatic feeder for pulp-mold trays (3 size)
Automatic feeder for plastic 30-egg trays
Automatic label feeding (4 sizes)*6
input and turnover printing


Optional devices Accumulator, Auto Loader, Chemical concentration adjuster, Multi-layer Egg Washer, Automatic Foamer, Automatic Dirt Detector, Automatic Crack Detector, UV Sterilizer, Abnormal Egg Detector, Feeder for specially designed packs, Carrier Washer, Fixed-weight packer program, Production indicator program*7, Repacking function*8
*1 Neccessary if all the above devices are used
*2 Fo product lines
*3 Neccessary if Automatic Foamer (optional) is used
*4 optional
*5 Compatible with carrier to exit robot system
*6 Installation up to five units
*7 Function for producing packs
*8 Packing function for eggs on traysDesigns and specifications are subject to change without notice.

NAEGS stands for NABEL Efficient Grading System.
It is a term coined by NABEL upon the separation of grading and packing for the first time in the world.

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