Salt Spray Test Chamber LZ-SSC-A104

Features :

  • Temperature controller PID + SSR microprocessor integrated controller device with LED digital display.
  • Offers heating system Nichrome electric heater, full independent system.
  • Adopts spray system tower type spray device with non-crystallization nozzle, salt mist spray finer and more uniformly.
  • Outer body made of imported PVC plate features properties like corrosion-resistant, high-strength and anti-aging.
  • Designed with temperature and humidity sensor PT100.
  • Adjustable spray time up to 1 to 99 (S, M, H), period.
  • Saline solution collecting, standard funnel and standard metering cylinder.
  • Saline solution preheating, saline solution temperature equal to temperature inside chamber.
  • Equipped with breaker, every heater attach electronic and mechanical over-heat protection device.
  • Water seal structure is adopted between the cover and chamber body, no mist leak.
  • Whole mould is soldered with high-temperature, corrosion-resisting, easy to clean.
  • Designed with lock and door type of side cover, elegant appearance and convenient to maintain.

Specifications :

Spray type Continuous / Periodic
Temperature range 35℃ to 55℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity 2℃
Humidity range 95 to 98 % RH
Air saturator RT+5℃ to 55℃
Spray deposition 1 to 2 ml/cm2h
Dimension 900 × 2000 × 600 mm
External dimension 130 × 270 × 155 mm
Power consumption 6.5 kW
Power supply AC 220 V 50 Hz
Gross weight 700 kg

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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