Sealed Containers Leak Detection SFJ-231D

Features :

  1. This Leak Detector is an advanced mass spectrometer leak detector which provides ultimate accuracy in sealed containers vacuum detection.
  2. The helium mass spectrometer leak detector is an instrument that can quickly locate and quantitatively measure the leakage of sealed containers.
  3. Compared with bubble identification method, pressure attenuation method and halogen leak detection method, helium mass spectrometer leak detection method has high detection sensitivity, fast speed and wide application range.
  4. In addition, helium mass spectrometer leak detector selects non-toxic, non-destructive and light inert gas helium as the exploration gas, so it is safe and reliable.

Specifications :

Parameter Value
Mini Leak Detection Rate(Pa.m3/s)/Sniffer Mode 5*10-9 Pa.m3/s
Mini Leak Detection Rate(Pa.m3/s)/Vaccum Mode 5*10-13 Pa.m3/s
Max Allowable Leak Detection Pressure (Pa) 1500
Leak Detection Port DN25KF
Leak Rate Display Numbers, Bar Charts, Graphs
Language Chinese/English
Dimension 645*678*965mm
User Interface 7inch Color Touch Screen
Communication Interface RS232/485, USB*2
Detectable Quality 2, 3, 4 (H2, He3, He4)
Ion Source 2pcs, Iridium Coated Yttrium Oxide, Automatic Switching
Response Time (s) <1
Startup Time(s) ≤2
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Temperature 0~40°C

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