Sewage Effluent Kit

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Permanganate Value (0 to 30+) The Palintest Permanganate Value test is a simplified version of the standard AO test for indicating the general quality of final effluents. The test enables the Permanganate Value (PV) to be determined and the effluent classified as to its acceptability for discharge.
pH (4 to 8) Chemical and biological reactions at sewage works are profoundly influenced by pH. A pH test will also check, for example, on the effect of acid or alkaline trade wastes in the effluent flow. The pH test is carried out using a Universal pH test tablet in conjunction with a printed colour strip. In conjunction with a printed colour strip’ replacing with ‘and Contour Comparator equipped with Universal pH disk.
Turbidity and TSS (0 to 500 JTU) The Turbidity Test is designed to give a measure of the suspended solids content of the final effluent. It is also useful in following the day-to-day variation in the quality of sewage and effluent. The Palintest Turbidity Test uses a specially calibrated plastic tube.
Temperature (-10° to +50°) A check should be maintained on the temperature of effluent discharges and these should always be close to ambient temperatures. This is particularly important on industrial effluents where heated processes are involved. The kit includes a -10° to +50° thermometer complete in a brass protecting case.
Probable BOD, COD and TOC It is possible to derive an indication of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) from the result of the Permanganate Value test. This is based on the relationship between these measures of organic pollution obtained experimentally for such effluents.

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