Simple Rain Alarm (Solar Version)

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Specifications :

Alarm method Voice, siren, flash, screen display information, etc.;
way of communication Wireless transmission 433MHz, wireless transmission distance is not less than 100m, and has anti-interference measures;
Inner diameter of rain-bearing mouth φ200+0.6mm, sharp angle of cutting edge: 40°~45°;
Rainfall monitoring Tipping bucket type, rainfall resolution: 0.5mm;
Rain intensity measurement range 0mm/min~4mm/min, the maximum allowable rain intensity is 8mm/min;
measurement accuracy The overall error does not exceed ±4%;
Number of alarm indicator groups No less than 4 groups; alarm indicator setting method: users can set on-site independently;
powered by The indoor alarm adopts AC and DC dual power supply, AC and DC power supply, voltage fluctuations of +15% to -25%, and the equipment can work normally. The outdoor rain receiver is powered by solar energy and lithium batteries. Solar panel: 5V/2W,
lithium battery 800mAh/3.7V
Power consumption The static watch current should be less than 0.7mA (6V);
Mean time between failures More than 16000 hours.
screen size 120mm×80mm;

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