Single Beam AAS Spectrometer AA2200

Features :

  1. The flame graphite furnace atomizer can complete automatic switching, with high positioning accuracy and fast switching;
  2. It is provided with six lamp holders, which can light up at the same time to preheat six element lamps;
  3. General type automatic sample injector for flame and graphite furnace, solvent discharge mode (during graphite furnace measurement), solvent suction mode (during flame measurement), and various liquid supply modes, which have the functions of online dilution and automatic addition of matrix modifier;
  4. Comprehensive safety protection measures, real-time monitoring and alarm by software;
  5. The software can automatically control the instrument without manual adjustment, which improves the working efficiency;

Specifications :

Single Beam AAS Spectrometer AA2200

Wavelength range(nm) 185-910
Wavelength indication error(mm) ±0.2
Wavelength repeatability(nm) ≤0.05
Broadband deviation(nm) ±0.015
Resolution(%) ≤20
Instantaneous noise(Abs) ±0.002
Zero drift(Abs/30min) ±0.0015
Boundary energy:instantaneous noise(Abs) ≤0.015
Detection limit(Flame:Cu ug/mL)) ≤0.002
Apparent atomization rate(%) ≥10

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