Six-station Tensile Testing Machine DRKWD6-1

Features :

1.Double-column and double-ball screw with transmission to ensure high-precision and stable operation.
2.Integrate multiple independent test functions such as stretching, deformation, peeling, tearing, etc., providing users with a variety of test items to choose from.
3.Provide data such as constant elongation stress, elastic modulus, stress and strain.
4.The ultra-long stroke of 1200mm can meet the test of ultra-high deformation rate materials.
5.The function of 6 stations and sample pneumatic clamping is convenient for users to test multiple samples at the same time.
6.The 1~500mm/min stepless speed change provides convenience for users to test under different test conditions.
7.The embedded computer control system effectively guarantees the safety of the system and improves the reliability of data management and test operations.
8.Professional control software provides superposition analysis of group test curves and statistical analysis of maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation.

Specifications :

Index Parameter
Specification 500N
Accuracy Class 1
Test Speed  1-500mm/min (infinitely variable speed)
Station 6
Sample Width 25mm
Specimen Clamping Pneumatic clamping
Stroke 1200mm
Air Source Pressure 0.6MPa~0.7MPa (provided by the user of air source)
Air Source Interface Ф6mm polyurethane tube
Power Supply AC 220V±5% 50Hz

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