Soil Fertility Kit SK200

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Soil Extraction
Test Extract Extract Chemical Extraction Tablets Water Soil
Soil pH Lime Requirement                        N/A No extraction required. Tests are carried out directly on the soil sample.
Nitrate (N) Extract N 0.75M Ammonium Chloride One level blue extraction scoop Extraction N Powder plus one universal spoonful of Nitratest N Powder 50 ml 2 ml
Phosphate (P) Extract P 0.5M Sodium Bicarbonate Bicarbonate 5 Extraction P tablets 50 ml 2 ml
Potassium (K) Extract K 0.1M Magnesium Acetate One level blue extraction scoop Extraction K Powder 50 ml 2 ml
Kit Contents
Visual Testing Hardware Soil tester for soil pH. Soil tester for Nitrogen (N) and Phosphate (P). Double Tube Assembly for Potassium (K).
Reagents Complete reagent set for 50 tests for soil pH, lime requirement, nitrogen, phosphate and potassium including extraction and test reagents
Sample Preparation/ Accessories De-ion pack, soil sample bags, soil scoops, filter funnel and paper, sample container/dilution tubes, crush/stir rods, cuvette brush
Ancillaries Shoulder bag
Reagents and Equipment

Palintest Soil pH Tablets ST-2200
Palintest Lime Buffer Tablets ST-2210
Palintest pH Soiltester PT 320
Soil Scoop, 2 ml PT 302

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