Solar Illuminance Sensor RK210-01

Features :

  1. High sensitivity.
  2. Applicable to various harsh environments.
  3. High precision, wide measuring range.
  4. Compact size.
  5. Easy installation.

Specifications :

Item Specifications
Range 0-100lux,0-2000lux,0-20klux,0-200klux optional
Spectral range 380-780nm
Supply 5VDC,12-24VDC
Output 4-20mA,0-5V,0-10V,RS485
Accuracy ±5%FS
Response time 1s
Temperature effect ±0.2%/℃
Repeatability <1%FS
Operating temperature -40℃-+75℃
Weight(unpacked) 170g
Shell material ABS,metal shell can be customized
Dimension 117*86*56mm

Catalog : PDF


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