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Specifications :

Measurement Principle

The principle of the SRC method (in accord with AACC Approved Method 56-11) is based on the preferential solvation and swelling of the
three polymeric, network-forming flour components by selected, material-specific solvents. The greater the swelling, and the greater the
resistence of the swollen network to compression by centrifugation, the higher is the solvent retention. The method enables the measurement
of four key quality parameters of flour in one single test:
– Water absorption with the water SRC – Glutenin functionality with the lactic acid SRC
– Pentosan functionality with the sucrose SRC – Damaged starch functionality with the sodium carbonate SRC
These four functional properties are key parameters for the quality control of wheat flour. The SRC-CHOPIN finds its best uses in the
breeding, milling, and baking industries, but can also add value throughout the rest of the wheat and flour supply chain.

A fully automated and simple procedure

User-friendliness and precision

With its built-in touchscreen, the SRC-CHOPIN enables one to conduct the test and obtain the results.
Eight solvent-containing syringes are easily placed in the upper part of the machine, while the centrifuge tubes
containing the flour samples are placed in the lower part. The operator actions are limited to the weighing of the 5.0
gram flour samples. All the later test operations, including calculation of SRC values, are done automatically by the
machine, thus eliminating any risk of human error and improving accuracy of results.

Easy to clean and maintain

All the elements of the SRC-CHOPIN are easily accessible. This makes it extremely easy to clean the unit on a daily
basis and to access it for regular maintenance. All materials used in the construction of the SRC-CHOPIN
have been specially selected for their great sturdiness and their ease of cleaning.

Compact and robust system

With its compact footprint, the SRC-CHOPIN combines in the same unit a tube shaker*, a centrifuge*, and a calculator.
This speci c design requires minimal laboratory work space.
The SRC-CHOPIN can be placed on a standard laboratory table.

External Balance

The external balance is specifically designed to enable the user to obtain more accurate
An empty centrifuge tube is automatically recognized, thanks to a flashcode, and is then
The operator adds 5.0 grams of the flour sample to each tube.
The weight of “tube+flour” is automatically determined and transferred to the SRC-CHOPIN
device. This serves as the basis for the automated calculation of the SRC value.
Finally, the “tube+gel” is weighed on the same balance, and the SRC result is automatically

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