Standard Freeze Dryer FDR21-4ST

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Standard Freeze Dryer FDR21-4ST

Features :


7 Inch color touch control LCD display.

Display run time & vacuum parameter.

The cold trap with freezing function eliminates the low temperature refrigerator.

Imported compressor, high capability of water-capture, low noise.

Mixed refrigerant, green environmental protection.

Built-in heat exchanger effectively reduces the temperature of cold trap.

Anti-return oil vacuum pump to prevent the pollution of the material.

Transparent bell-cap drying room is safe and visual.

Optional distribution defrosting function.

Optional nitrogen inflating valve.

Specifications :

Type Standard
Plate Load Capacity 1.5 L
Tray Diameter 200 mm
Condenser Temperature <50°C
Water Holding Capacity 4 Kg/24 h
Freeze Drying Surface Area 0.12 m²
Vacuum Degree <10 Pa
Vial ɸ 22 260
Vial ɸ 16 480
Vial ɸ 12 920
Interlayer Spacing 70 mm
Overall Dimension (mm) 500x400x650 mm
Power 950 W
Power Supply 220 V 50 HZ /110 V 60 Hz

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Standard Freeze Dryer FDR21-4ST

Standard Freeze Dryer FDR21-4ST