Standard Light Source to Color Light Box DRK303

Features :

1.Touch the button to switch the light source at will, with the function of metamerism.
2.Volume. Large inner frame space. It is convenient to observe large items.
3.No need to preheat, no flicker, can ensure fast and reliable color evaluation.
4.Low energy consumption, no heat (no need for heat dissipation), high luminous efficiency.
5.The name of the light source can be changed. It is more convenient to add a light source.
6.The high-precision weighing device ensures the rapidity and accuracy of the instrument force data collection; the measurement accuracy is high.

Specifications :

Light source name Configuration Power Color temperature
Six light sources
Voltage 220V /110V
D65 International Standard Artificial Daylight Source 2 sticks 18W 6500K
TL84 European, Japanese commercial light source 2 sticks 18W 4000K
UV ultraviolet light source 1 stick 18W ——-
F Yellow light source, colorimetric reference light source 4 pcs 40W 2700K
CWF American Store Light Source 2 sticks 18W 4200K
U30 Another American commercial light source 2 sticks 18W 3000K

Catalog : PDF


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