Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter RKL-01

Features :

  • High accuracy, high sensitivity.
  • Fast response.
  • Good stability.
  • Strong resistance to interference.
  • Anti-corrosion material optional.
  • Low temperature drift.
  • Wide Temperature Range Compensation.

Specifications :

Item Technical specifications
Range 0 ~ 0.5m…200mH2O or 0 ~ 5KPa…2MPa
Output 4-20mA,0-5V,0-10V,RS485
Supply Voltage 10-30VDC,24V typ.
Over Pressure 2×FS
Measuring Medium The liquid(not sticky ) compatible with 316 stainless steel
Total Accuracy 0.1%FS,0.3%FS(0.25%FS),0.5%FS
Long-term Stability 0.1%FS/year typ.,0.2%FS/year max.
Ingress Protection IP68
Operating Temperature -40℃~ +80℃
Compensating Temperature -10℃~ 70℃
Temperature Drifting 0.03%FS/℃ typ.,0.05%FS/℃
Cycle Life 1*10^8 @25℃
Main Material Sensor:316L,housing:304SS(316L is optional)
Cable Outer material:PUR,Atmospheric pressure compensation cable,
Polymer waterproof plug at cable end
Power Consumption Current output:(U*0.02)W, Voltage output:(U*0.008)W, Digital output:(U*0.015)W
Load Capacity Current output:≤(U-7)/0.02Ω, Voltage output:≥100kΩ
Weight(probe unpacked) Approx. 230g
Storage Condition 10℃-50℃@20%-90%RH

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