Temperature and Humidity Identification Box JJG205-2005

Features :

Technical features:
1. The main indicators are better than the requirements of the regulations.
2. Original three-sided observation window design and double operation hole design.
3. The lifting speed is greatly improved.
4. Internationally leading uniformity.
5. 8 pages of test data can be provided.

Functional Overview:
1. The temperature and humidity calibration box is a special test equipment used to calibrate hair temperature and humidity meters (meters), dry and wet bulb hygrometers, digital temperature and humidity meters and other types of temperature and humidity sensors.
2. The equipment realizes accurate measurement through high-precision sensors, and uses industrial programmable controllers to realize complex adjustment actions, which can realize automatic adjustment of humidity in the temperature and humidity verification box and automatic processing of humidity verification data. It has a high level of automatic control, can provide a continuous and stable humidity environment, and can meet the high-precision requirements of scientific research and measurement testing.

Specifications :

Using Environment 20±5℃; 30%RH~80%RH
Temperature Range and Resolution -10℃~65℃; 0.01℃
Humidity Range and Resolution 20%RH~98%RH; 0.01%RH
Temperature Fluctuation ≤±0.1°C (15°C, 20°C, 30°C)
Temperature Uniformity ≤0.3°C (15°C, 20°C, 30°C)
Humidity Fluctuation ≤±0.8%RH
Humidity Uniformity <1.0%RH
Humidity Control System The humidification and dehumidification method precisely controls the ratio of dry and wet gas to form different wet fields
Observation Window Observation windows on three sides of the studio, five-layer tempered glass; two operation holes, easy to adjust the inspected meter
Temperature and Humidity Control Sensor Precision platinum resistance; humidity sensor
Control Way Fully automatic control by touch screen man-machine interface (different configuration for each model);Various controls, settings, protections, curve displays, etc. are all available;Timing start can be set, control status is programmable; 

After installing the corresponding equipment, it can constitute an automatic verification, and the verification task can be completed in an unmanned state.

System Self-protection Method The system controller automatically protects abnormalities such as over-temperature, low water level, compressor over-pressure, etc.
Internal Dimensions of Studio 500mm×500mm×500mm
External Dimensions 1000mm x700mm x 1800mm
Weight 350Kg
Applicable Standards <<Mechanical Thermo-hygrometer>> Verification Regulations (JJG205-2005)
Packing Standard Fumigated five-plywood wooden box (export grade); equipped with anti-tilt recorder

Catalog : PDF


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