GBPI Testing Instruments

Textile Air Permeability Analyzer N900

Features :

· Cylinder control and fix the sample automatically, quick test.
· Pressure adjustable; auto measure, auto calculate results.

· Mainframe configures color touch screen, without external
computer, can observe the permeability rate of the sample in real-time.
· Can test multiple sets of data continuously; can query,
delete a group or groups of experimental results, print reports.
· Professional software, simple interface, easy to operate,
display test data (air permeability, variation coefficient and other parameters) in real time, support different unit conversion. (Test unit: mm/s, l/(dm^2.min), l/(m^2.s), m^3/(m^2.min), m^3/(m^2.h), cfm, cm^3/(cm^2.h), ml/s, ml/min, l/s, l/min).
· Generate standard test report automatically, details
contain sample name, specifications, serial number, the direction of the airflow through the fabric, test area and the pressure drop of the experiment, standard, test dates, and test results (air permeability rate, variation coefficient,
95% confidence interval).

Specifications :

Items Technical Parameters
Pressure differential measurement range 1 ~ 4000Pa(pressure drop can be adjusted)
Test range 1 ~ 40000mm/s
Test error ≤±2%
Sample size 150mm×150mm
Test area 5cm2、20cm2、50 cm2、100 cm2
Sample thickness ≤10mm
Instrument size 640×380×865mm(L×W×H)
Weight 50KG
Power supply AC 220 V , 50 Hz

Catalog : PDF


GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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