Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography LC3602

Features :

  1. Giving full play to the performance of sub-two-micron columns.
  2. Providing high precision ultra-high pressure infusion units.
  3. Low system diffusion volume and optimized flow path.
  4. Needle in the flow path auto sampler ultra-low injection cycle, very low cross-contamination.
  5. Matching ultra-high speed optical detectors, ELSD, mass spectrometry, etc..
  6. Smart Lab CDS and Smart Lab Solution chromatography workstation software.

Specifications :

Working Conditions

Working power 220V, 50HZ
Ambient temperature 10-40℃
Relative humidity 20-85%

System Indicators

Qualitative Accuracy RSD≤0.1%
Quantitative Repeatability RSD≤0.3%

High pressure constant current pump

Pump drive mode Linear motor pump
Gradient mode Binary (4-way solvent)
Flow Setting Range 0001-2.0000mL/min
Flow setting increment 0.001mL/min
Maximum operating pressure 150MPa
Flow setting value error ±1.1%
Flow stability ≤0.09% RSD
Gradient stability ≤0.2% RSD
Column oven
Temperature setting range 20.0-90.0℃
Temperature stability ±0.3℃/h
Error of temperature setting value ±0.05℃

Auto sampler

Maximum withstand pressure 150MPa
Injection volume range 0.1~10.0uL
njection volume error ±0.2uL (injection volume 10uL)
Injection repeatability <0.3 %RSD
Linearity R≥0.999
Cross-contamination <0.001%
Temperature stability ±1℃

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