Ultrasonic Homogenizer LZ-UHS-A130

Features :

  • Large color TFT touch screen of 4.3 inches.
  • Controlled by computer, operational data storage for 50 groups.
  • Users can adjust the ultrasonic timing and power.
  • If the sample temperature changes, ultrasonic power immediately detects and prevents ultrasonic power.
  • To prevent overheating, integrated sample temperature control is utilized.
  • Automatic tracking of frequency and fault alerts.
  • 20 sets of data can be stored, and printing is offered.
  • Protection from automatic software errors, overloads, and overheating.
  • Self-diagnosis capability and login password security.
  • Utilizable, robust, and practical.

Specifications :

Ultrasonic power 10-900W; Adjustable
Disruption capacity 0.2 to 600 ml
Standard probe/horn Φ12mm (TC4 Titanium Alloy)
Display 4.3 inch TFT touch screen
Input method Touch control
Optional probe/horn Φ2, Φ3, Φ6, Φ8,Φ10, Φ12, Φ15mm
Operating frequency 20-25KHZ Automatic tracking
Temperature control range 0℃-100℃
Storage memory 20 sets, print etc
Time range 0-99H59M59S
Ultrasonic On/Off setting 0.1-99.9S
Sound proof box Illumination, sterilization, automatic lifting function optional
Protection device Self-diagnostic function, program automatic error correction, over-load, over- temperature protection display
Login password protection Yes
Power supply 220-240V 50Hz/ 110V 60HZ
Packaging Dimension (Host machine + accessories) 495 × 460 × 310 mm
Gross Weight (Host machine + accessories) 15.90 kg
Packaging Dimension (Sound proof enclosed box) 570×370×370 mm
Gross weight (Sound proof enclosed box) 9.45 kg

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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