Upright Biomedical Freezers -25℃ LZ-ULF-A320

Features :

  • Upright single door comes with stable and consistent internal cabinet temperature, with fast temp recovery after opening and closing the door Available temperature range: – 10°C to – 25°C Polyurethane foam insulation with thickness up to 80 mm Evaporator copper tube embedded in foam layer to prevent corrosion and to ensure heat transferring efficiency.
  • Special designed compact finned condenser for better efficiency.
  • Independent inner door to minimize leakage of cold air, ensuring uniform temperature within the refrigerator.
  • Magnetic sealed door automatically closes to ensure and heightens the refrigeration performance and operational reliability.
  • Password protected control setting to prevent any unnecessary operating parameters from being modified Sturdy and durable overall frame structure.
  • Antibacterial powdered inner and outer surface.
  • Refrigeration system uses highly efficient and environmental friendly fluorine-free refrigerant.
  • Controller equipped with rechargeable backup battery, which can display the main information such as alarm and internal temperature of the cabinet when the main power is cut off.
  • Built-in mechanical lock to ensure safety of stored items.
  • Built-in Castors for easy relocation when needed.
  • Safe mode activates in the event of temperature sensor failure, ensuring the safe storage of items in the box.
  • Come with temperature accuracy 0.1°C and alarm mode: buzzer and flashing lights.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • High and Low temp, doors alarm, Power failure alarm.
  • Record displays Date, Time, Min and Max Temperature.
  • Controller displays real-time temperature and alarm codes for easy use Ease of Operation.
  • Standard testing ports on right side for easy access to external test tools.
  • Castors wheels for ease of moving.
  • Door frame can be heated to reduce condensation.
  • Adjustable shelving and Dip-treated shelf, effective in preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Buzzing alarm can also be set to mute if required.
  • Backup battery is charged while the refrigerator is in operation and its reusable characteristics minimize the adverse effects on the environment.
  • Displays real time operating status of refrigerator on larges screen of the controller for easy of reading.

Specifications :

Capacity 322 L
Temperature Range -10 to -25°C
Materials Outer: White plastic coated galvanized steel; inner: stainless steel
Alarms High/low temperature alarm, senor error alarm, power failure, door opening
Type Upright
Display Digital
Refrigerant Non HCFC
Shelves 4
Casters 4
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Internal Dimension 508 x 455 x 1393 mm
External Dimension 673 x 676 x 1886 mm
Weight 113 kg
Electrical Requirement AC220V/50Hz

Catalog : PDF


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