UV-Vis CamSpec Spectrophotometer M508

Specifications :

Display 4 lines x 20 character LCD
Light sources Tungsten-Halogen and Deuterium
Monochromator 1200 lines/mm grating
Detectors Silicon Photodiode
Wavelength Range 200 – 1000nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 2 nm
Wavelength Repeatability ± 1 nm
Noise < 0.001A @ 500nm 0A
Zero Drift < 0.003A per hour after warm-up
Bandpass 5 nm
Stray Light <0.1%T @ 220nm and 340 nm
Photometric Accuracy +/- 1% 0-2 A
Photometric Range -1 to 2.5A, 0-125%T and -9999C and +9999C
Printer Interface RS 232 for printer
Computer Interface USB for PC control
Power Requirements 110/120V, 220/230V, 50/60 Hz, 135VA
Dimensions 510 x 420 x 210 packed 645 x 535 x 370
Weight 14Kg packed 17Kg


User Interface

The user interface of the M508 Single Beam Spectrophotometer includes Basic Mode (Abs, %T, Conc), Quantitative (concentration calibration curves), Wavelength Scanning, Kinetics (including timedrive), DNA/Protein, Multi-wavelength, and Performance Validation. In Basic Mode, the result is continuously displayed (no need to “press to read”)

PC Control

The M508 has an RS232C output for the transfer of results to a PC and for PC control of the M508. Comprehensive Camspec Application Software is available, together with small PC programs, dedicated to specialist tasks.

Catalogue : PDF


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