Vacuum Drying Oven DRK-6020

Features :

  1. Fahrenheit/Celsius free conversion to meet different customer needs.
  2. Hyperbolic temperature calibration system, more accurate temperature measurement.
  3. Standard large-screen LCD color screen, multiple sets of data displayed on one screen,menu-style operation interface, easy to understand and easy to operate.
  4. It adopts a controller with over-temperature deviation protection and a microcomputer PID fuzzy processing controller to quickly reach the preset temperature and run stably.
  5. 304 mirror stainless steel liner, semi-circular design at four corners, easy to clean.
  6. The sealing design of the new synthetic silicon sealing strip effectively prevents heat loss, and can extend the service life of each component on the basis of energy saving by 30%.
  7. The aluminum separator stamped by a special process has high temperature non-oxidation and fast heat conduction. Minimize heat loss.
  8. The double-layer bulletproof glass observation window allows you to observe the objects in the working room at a glance.
  9. The tightness of the box door is completely adjusted by the user at will. The integrally formed silicone rubber door seal ring ensures the high vacuum in the box.
  10. Imported vacuum valve avoids the drop problem caused by long-term use of traditional vacuum valve.

Specifications :

Project DRK-6020
Power AC220V  50HZ
Temperature control range RT+10~250℃
Constant temperature fluctuation ±1℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Vacuum ≤133Pa
Input power 450W
Liner size




Nominal volume 20L
Carrying bracket (standard External heating, 1 screen


Liner material 304 stainless steel
Timing range 1~9999min

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